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Coming from the medical field, owner of the Domaine de la Rameau and passionate about wine, David manages this estate since 2009. Self-taught and conscientious, he surrounds himself with the skills of his friends and wine professionals. "My desire is to make a terroir wine and not my own signature. It is true that man is one of the components of the terroir but it is by far not the most important. The best I can do is to listen to nature and make the best of what this land gives me. My father left me his vines but also a vision of wine.


Since three generations.

The great grandfather, Antoine, acquired the first plots of vines in Chamoson. Antoine-Marie, succeeded him for more than 20 years by buying new plots and by carrying out a huge work of re-seeding. David Carruzzo is fortunate to be able to benefit from this heritage.


David Carruzzo